Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Random Act of Kindness week

The children in Room 9 are always trying their best to be kind and considerate of others and it was nice to celebrate this last week for Random Act of Kindness week. Everyday instead of talking about their feelings we had a complement circle where the children would give each other complements about kind things that each had done. It was so nice and made everyone feel so special that it is something that we will continue on every now and again.

We also did some writing about being kind to our friends and the types of things that we could and already do!

Here are some examples of our kindness writing:


  1. Wow Emma That is some impressive writing there.
    We are really proud of this story
    love mum and dad

  2. Well done Room 9 Authors!. I like what you have to say as well. Ms Fothergill.

  3. well done paige your wring sounds great and awesome we are proud of you good job

  4. wow paige good writing from jayden