Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 4 in Room 9

This week in Room 9 we have been having lots of fun! We have learnt a new Maori song that we will sing in Celebration this Friday. See if you can remember the tune that goes with the words below...
Whakarongo ra
Whakarongo ake au
Ki ti tangi a te manu
E rere runga rawa e
Tui , tui, tui tuia
Tuia i runga
Tuia i raro
Tuia i roto
Tuia i waho
Tui, tui, tuhia
Kia rungo te ao
Kia rungo te po
Tui , tui, tuia

A reminder about next week for Athletes... You need to be at school at 8am as the buses will be leaving at 8.20am.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 2 Superstars

This week our superstars of the week are Tina, Bentley and Liam. They have been trying so hard to follow the PB4L focus of the week: We are learning to be respectful by using kind words and good manners. 
They have also been trying so hard with their learning. Tina has made great reading progress, Bentley has been making strides in his writing and Liam is getting so much better at asking questions and sharing in front of the class.

Well done Room 9 superstars for Week 2 Term 4!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Costumes for the Production

We had our first run through of our performance with our costumes on the other day. We are so excited to be performing on the stage in a couple of weeks.

Don't we look amazing?! Thank you to the wonderful parent helpers who came in to help make our costumes.

Don't forget to buy your tickets at the office :)

Maori with Matua

We were really lucky to have Hana's dad come in twice and teach us a Maori song (Waiata). He is a previous teacher and now lectures at University.

The children really enjoyed the experience and we all can't get the catchy waiata out of our heads :)

Thank you again Matua for visiting us in Room 9 today!

Here is the Maori song that we learnt with Matua, see if you can sing it at home with mum and dad :)

Our trip tomorrow :) Here are the groups...

Motat trip - Groups Room 9

Karee Boswell
Sascha - Kate

Naren’s mum

Nathan’s dad

Amber’s mum


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Calendar Art

In Room 9, we have been having lots of fun completing our calendar art for 2016. They are so bright and colourful and look great up on display in our windows. Here we are creating our masterpieces...